What We Do

Find out what Greater Peterborough Network do:

Working at Scale

Patients and GPs have benefited from small scale general practice over the last 50 years. But this model is under pressure to provide general practice on a bigger scale.

Peterborough GPs have started collaborating to deliver more care in the community, driven by the desire to achieve economies and tackle workload and recruitment problems.

NHS Five Year Forward View


The GP Hub is located at Boroughbury Medical Centre and provides a GP extended access service for patients registered with a GP in the Greater Peterborough area every weekday 6:30pm to 08:30pm, 9:00 til 17:00 Saturdays, and 9:00 til 12:30 on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Practice Mergers

Greater Peterborough Network are working closely with surgeries across the Greater Peterborough area to:

  • Create a bringing practices together to ensure the larger practice is capable of handling a changing NHS
  • Create a more diverse skills set for the benefit of patients
  • Create economies of scale and eradicate poor performing areas

NHS Five Year Forward View