Antibody Blood Test

This service is for Covid-19 antibody testing currently for:
  1. Day care Centre staff
  2. Assisted/supported living staff & Extra care support facilities
  3. Personal assistants employed through PHBs
  4. Care Home staff – adults & LD
  5. Domiciliary staff
Please only book your test if you qualify as the above. Any requests for non-care staff will be declined.

This test is an anti-body test that determines if you have or have not got Covid-19 antibodies which confirms if you have come into contact with Covid-19 and developed antibodies.

This is not a test that tells you if you currently have Covid-19. As per the national advice if you have symptoms you should self-isolate.

Our appointments are based over two locations:
  • The Allia Business Centre on London road – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays between 09:00-13:00
  • The Boroughbury Medical Centre on Craig Street – Tuesday, Thursday between 18:30-20:30
  • The Boroughbury Medical Centre on Craig Street – Saturday between 09:00-12:30
October 2020
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